Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Secret Fun (vol. i) - Installation

Secret Fun (vol. i): Ver·i·si·mil·i·tude.

12.01.12 - 1.12.13
(by appointment)
918 Dragon Street • Dallas TX 75207

Ver·i·si·mil·i·tude focuses on the contrasts between the decontextualized artificiality of the gallery space and the unmediated space of reality. It is a two part exhibition in which artists begin with a documented response (pt. i) to the external world, which then bleeds over into the gallery space (pt. ii). 

Justin Hunter Allen

Randall Garrett

Garage Install (2012)


 "The Long Way Home" (2012) gallery install

"Hero's Journey" (2012) bathroom install

Daniel Kurt

Studio Simulacrum (2012) details

Michael Mazurek

Orlando (2012) stereo, speaker, cart, 17:00 dance track

 Tomcat (2012)

Piss Skirts (2012)

Michael Wynne

"Untitled (Pop Art)" (2012) backyard install

"Scar" (2012) Goss-Michael parking lot install

 "Scraps, Flux Kits, and Addendum" (2012) gallery install

"King Midas in Reverse" (2012)
"Flux Kits and Addendum" (2012)

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